Triplex Training offers professional health care services with our staff of Certified Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. Our level of care is superior in that we have extensive background in rehabilitation and injury management- something that has at one point affected nearly every one of us.
Certified Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists will assess and analyze your situation to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it is rehabbing a sprained ankle, eliminating ongoing hip pain, or designing an endurance training schedule, Triplex Training can meet your needs. We prescribe and make corrective exercises, functional strength training, and customized and detailed training schedules. Feel like your gait is inefficient? We offer comprehensive run analysis through Silicon Coach software that can help you prevent injury and improve efficiency.

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“..after 2 months with Kyle’s strength training program I ran my first mile in 2 years and now only seven months later I am back to work as an instructor at the FDNY fire academy and running the NYC marathon Nov. 2008″

-Matt Long

Matt Long

“To all my athlete friends who are planning to do IMAZ or know someone who is going to:

If you know me you know that I have a decent job and have no financial gain by what I am about to say. I am a guy with no exceptional physical ability who enjoys cycling and Triathlon and love the TRI community. I am also a 51 (Approaching 52 :)) year old guy with ruptured disc in my lower 3 vertebrate. I have raced close to 30 races over the last 2 years including different distance TRI and run races, 2 marathons and back to back IMAZ. I have to honestly say the reason I held together and going for my 3rd IMAZ in a row is the help from my coach Kyle Herrig and Triplex training. His specialty is injury prevention and all of us who trained with him last 2 years not only got to the starting line without injury (Knock on woods) we all exceeded our finish time goals resulting in numerous PR’s. The cost of specialized individual training program with him is better than most cookie cutter programs that you buy on line. So don’t shortchange yourself and contact him http://www.triplextraining.com/

Kaveh Faroughi- 2-Time Ironman Finisher

“I am not a triathlete. I am a 48-yr. old retired internationally-ranked alpine ski racer. Daily, I live with 5 knee surgeries, 3 shoulder surgeries, vertebrae that need surgery and painful arthritis. Kyle’s creatively designed and closely monitored training is excellent for me; it has created an effective life style change for me.  The high-energy, low-impact, fast-paced tri-planar circuits and matrixes are innovatively designed for strength building, agility, joint safety, endurance, and flexibility.  Simply put, in my daily life and outdoor pursuits, I am happy, strong and the results of tri-dimensional training make me feel like an actual athlete again.”

Jennifer Johnston- Hiker and river runner. Life goal…no wheel chair.

“Over the last year I have gained a great deal of strength that I thought I had lost. It did not come easy, but Kyle at Triplex Training has enabled me to become stronger and more flexible through the workouts that he conducted. He challenges us and our bodies,  and the results have been noticeable and exciting to experience. Plus, working out in a small group keeps us accountable and is a lot of fun. I highly recommend working with Kyle if you want to raise the level of your performance, no matter what your chosen activity is.”

Doug Adamavich- Chairman, Arizona Masters Swimming

“I have had the opportunity to train with Kyle the past two years and it has been the best dry land training of my life. What stands out in Kyle’s exercise prescription is the matrix-type training system that strengthens muscle groups and movement patterns together rather than isolation, like a typical gym workout. I feel more connected than ever and it’s reflected in my swimming with personal bests all year. Kyle has given me the training needed to take my swimming to the next level. In my 20 year swimming career, I can say this has been the best training change I’ve ever made. Thank you Kyle!”

Nick Brunelli- American Record Holder, USA National Swim Team Member

“I would like to commend my gratitude to Triplex Training and Kyle Herrig. I have been battling a history of hip injuries including stress fractures and labral tears that have limited my training and competing in Ironman Triathlon events. Over the past several years Kyle’s personal assistance has given me the strength and mobility to fully compete in long distance events without pain or surgeries. Thanks Kyle!”

Mike Kinkade- Local Business Owner and 2-Time Ironman Finisher
USA Triathlon
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
National Athletic Trainers’ Association