Endurance Coaching

Triplex provides individualized training plans and schedules to help keep you accountable and provided guidance while you prepare for your next event. With professional coaches available for all distances of triathlon, we can get you setup with the coach that best fits your needs. After a quick evaluation to gauge your current fitness level and event goals, our coaches will prescribe a plan designed to lead you to success. And with our team of certified coaches, trainers, and therapists, you will be sure to have the best care needed in preparation for your next event.

Whats Included

All Triplex Endurance Athletes will receive a Premium Training Peaks Account. This online software platform allows for constant communication between the athlete and the coach. It is how the athlete will receive and log their daily, weekly and monthly training and provides tools to our coaches to help them analyze how each athlete is doing and progressing.

Triplex Member Triathlon Coaching - $175/mo

  • Premium Training Peaks Account
  • 4 weeks Individualized Plan geared specifically to you and your event Individual Monthly Meeting Phone Conversation
  • Unlimited Email, Text, Phone Contacts

Triplex Elite Membership - $100/mo

  • Unlimited Triplex Whole Body Circuit Workouts
  • Recovery Boots
  • Open Gym Hours

To start your plan for that next event call or email to get set up.