Malcolm Mcguire

Triathlon Coach



Hello! My name is Malcolm McGuire. 

I am a triathlete, personal trainer and endurance coach based in Phoenix, Arizona. I am blessed to be pursuing professional racing within the unique athletic community of Arizona after moving from Rochester, New York in 2014.

Personally, athletically and professionally, I enjoy using my knowledge to help others pursue their fitness aspirations. Outside of racing, my career is in health and fitness, where I coach the ASU club triathlon team and my own set of clients who are spread across the United States. For three years now, I’ve trained busy parents, working professionals, nonprofessional triathletes, college students, babies learning to swim and young adults.  I’m passionate about investing in people, especially young athletes, helping them explore their potential. I also love any opportunity that allows me to teach and I enjoy instructing on the importance of nutrition and fitness. 

Ironman Arizona 2015, marked a successful end to my second season and debut Ironman. I have been fortunate to race across the country, winning a slot to the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Australia and reaching a rank of 7th nationally, 29th globally in the 2015 Ironman 70.3 circuit. Season three is now in its second half, and I am excited as I continue to pursue earning my elite license by the close of 2016. 

Life is more than multisport, and I am fortunate to have a high quality network of family, friends and a church to call home. These are each important as they bring balance and provide great training partners and advisors on many different levels. In my free time, I am a skier, hiker and ultimate frisbee enthusiast. I coach and compete because I love it, I train to see new places and people, and I rely on a support team that I trust to keep my body and mind functioning steady & strong!


NASM Personal Trainer

HSA Nutritional Therapist